Plant Library

We are pleased to offer a viewing library that will allow our customers an opportunity to visualize and understand our planting selection and plans. However, please keep in mind that habit, size, and seasonal interest may vary. Plant photos may vary in great length at actually depicting the plant.

For further information on plant selection and identification, please feel to contact your sales representative. There is a wealth of information available. We hope that you find our plant library a valuable tool.

Quince, Flowering ‘Crimson & Gold’

Chaenomeles x superba 'Crimson & Gold'

Plant Type:  Shrub
Hardiness Range:  4B – 8A
Mature Height:  24″ to 36″ / 60cm to 90cm
Environment:  prefers partial shade or partial sun to full sun; soil should be moist
Bloom Colors:  Red